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Gideon Smart Home is a mobile app that via the cloud and the users’ local wifi network can interact with and control multiple devices from multiple brands.


A Trick is a set of IF/THEN rules to prevent damages, issues or to simply make your life easier!

Create your Tricks choosing multiple “IF” conditions (like Sunset/Sunrise or Geo locations) and “THEN” actions.

Combine the conditions (AND/OR) and create your ordered set of actions that will be triggered when the conditions are verified.

You can also add ONLY-IF conditions to a certain action in order to delay its execution or to trigger it only if a group of users is at home or away.

Discover the official Gideon’s IFTTT Channel and combine the IFTTT’s recipes with your Tricks.

Chat with Gideon


We developed a groundbreaking technology to control smart home devices with your voice!

With the Gideon Bot you can control any device or launch a Trick.

Check out the list of available commands on the Gideon app!

The Gideon Bot works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Widgets and Quick Actions


Add the Gideon Widgets to your homepage or lockscreen and forget about opening the app!

You can create widgets for single, rooms or groups actions. Add your favourite Tricks and activate them with a single tap.

You can also talk to the Gideon Bot directly from your lockscreen or homepage.

Local and Remote Control 


With Gideon you can interact with and control multiple devices from multiple manufacturers via the cloud and your local wifi network.

We focused on UI/UX for years and we are proud to provide the best and easiest possible smart home experience.

Control your devices from wherever you are and whenever you want!

Groups Control


Gideon will automatically group your devices by type.

Control all the devices of a specific type with just one tap from the Group dashboard (e.g. Turn off all the Lights).

You can then recreate the Rooms of your house and organize your devices into them.

You will be able to quickly control the devices inside the Room by groups (e.g. All Lights in the Living Room).

Use the Gideon Bot to control the devices in a specific Room!

Device Discovery 


The Gideon app can discover your installed devices automatically!

Tap on the “plus” button on the homepage or just click on “Manual Installation” to choose your devices from the list of the supported ones.

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